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Image::Maps::Plot::FromPostcode 2Description

Image::Maps::Plot::FromPostcode is a module from postcodes plot world/regional maps in JPEG/HTML.
Image::Maps::Plot::FromPostcode is a module from postcodes plot world/regional maps in JPEG/HTML.This module is a sub-class of Image::Maps::Plot::FromLatLong, that uses the WWW::MapBlast module to convert postcodes to latitude and longitude.OVER-RIDDEN METHODSMETHOD add_entryA method that accepts: $name, $country, $postcodeLooks up on the supplied details, and adds them to the db.If an entry already exists for $name, will return undef unless the global scalar $ADDENTRY is set to it's default value of MULTIPLE, in which case $name will be appended with $country and $postcode.Does not save them to file - you must do that manually ("METHOD save_db"), but note that you may wish to load the db before adding to it and saving.Incidentaly returns a reference to the new key.See also "ADDING MAPS".&remove_entryA subroutine, not a method, that accepts the name field of the entry in the db, and returns 1 on success, undef if no such entry exists.BACKGROUNDI was bored and got this message on a list: From: []On Behalf Of Philip Newton Sent: 21 June 2001 11:44 To: '' Subject: Re: headers Simon Wistow wrote: > It's more a collection of people who have the common connection > that they live and london and like perl. > In fact neither of those actually have to be true since I personally > know two people on the list who don't program Perl and one of whom > doesn't even live in London.How many off-London people have we got? (Well, also excluding people who live near London.)From outside the UK, there's Damian, dha, Paul M, I; Lucy and lathos probably also qualify as far as I can tell. Marcel used to work in London (don't know whether he still does). Anyone else? Cheers, Philip -- Philip NewtonAll opinions are my own, not my employer's. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate.In the twenty-second weekly summary of the London Perl Mongers mailing list, for the week starting 2001-06-18: In other news: ... a world map ...Hence the module. At that time there were no maps to plot from postcodes.Requirements:· PerlWhat's New in This Release:· Made this a sub-class of the new *::FromLatLong to remove what has, for me personally, become redundent functionality. Interface remains unchanged, I think.

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